Proposal submission

The deadline for proposal submission for 2020 is over!

Videos for the BL4S edition 2020 can still be handed in during April by sending the according link to

General information about the proposal to be submitted in order to take part in the competition:

Students must work together to create a proposal in two parts (please read the latest news!):

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Feasibility of the experiment
  2. Ability to follow the scientific method
  3. Motivation of the experiment and why you want to come to DESY
  4. Creativity of the experiment and the one-minute video

Note that all of the above points will be judged. We are not expecting a fully developed experimental proposal with a detailed setup and hypothesis. An idea on what you and your team want to find out or how you want to use the beamline communicated in a creative way is enough to take part. So do not worry if the technical details of the beamline facilities look a little daunting at first. We have provided several example experiments and people to contact for help.

Adults are encouraged to help students understand what the particle beam is capable of, but the students must create the proposal themselves. The winning teams will have the opportunity to work with DESY and CERN scientists to refine their ideas before they come to DESY.

Proposals must be received by midnight CET on 31 March 2020. Winners will be notified in June 2020.

Please note that the CERN and DESY logos are legally protected and any use by third parties is forbidden. However, the BL4S logo can be used if desired.


Details of the CERN Privacy Notice governing the processing of personal data by CERN in the context of the Beamline for Schools Competition submission of proposals is available at: