Terms and Conditions 2022

Thank you very much for your participation! Please read the following terms and conditions regarding the Beamline for Schools competition carefully. Please also note that, by entering the competition, you will be deemed to have understood and agreed to them in full as follows:


  1. The deadline for team registrations and submission of the proposals and videos is midnight CET on 15 April 2022. We regret that late or non-compliant registrations or submissions will not be considered. Make sure to keep a backup copy of your proposal.
  2. The BL4S competition is intended for students around the 16-19 age bracket who, at the time of submitting their entry to the competition, are currently attending a secondary/high school. 
    In this context, participants should note that under the applicable safety rules in force at CERN, only students aged 16 and above are allowed on CERN's premises to conduct experiments. Accordingly, only those members of a winning team who are 16 years old at the time of their visit (September 2022) will be able to enter the CERN site for the competition. We appreciate participant’s understanding that our rules reflect international safety standards and as such there is no flexibility on this issue.
  3. CERN will select two winning proposals from the submissions. The teams behind the winning proposals will then be invited to CERN to execute their proposals as collaborative experiments, working with the other winning team.
    Please note that, while there is no maximum team size in terms of participation in the proposal stage of the Beamline for Schools competition, the number of students per winning team that will be invited to CERN will be limited to a maximum of 9 students. In addition, in accordance with CERN’s internal safety rules, each winning team will need to be accompanied by up to two adult supervisors for the duration of their visit.
  4. Participants who, at the time of registration, are under 18 or are under the legal age of majority in the country where they are applying, must have the consent of their parent(s)/guardian(s) before registering. By submitting their registration application an applicant will be deemed to have been given such consent. Registrations made without such consent will be invalid.
  5. Any participant that subsequently travels to CERN as a member of a winning Beamline for Schools competition team will, in due course, need to ensure that she/he has health and accident insurance cover that is adequate for Switzerland and that the documents that prove that they have this cover are available for inspection during their visit to CERN.
  6. Respect copyright! Please do not include third-party content in your proposal without written permission. Note that this applies to still images, video and music. Any entry that violates copyright or other third-party rights will be disqualified. By submitting your proposal, you confirm to CERN that your proposal is your own original work and only contains material that you have all necessary permissions to use. And of course, don’t use offensive or inappropriate material in your proposal!
  7. By entering your proposal and video in the competition, you consent to their subsequent potential publication by CERN  and their use by either as part of their scientific and outreach activities. To this end you agree to vest all copyright in your proposal and video, together with any resulting data, in CERN. Please note that the competition will entail education and outreach events involving references to the participants and their schools/institutions. By entering the competition, you will also be deemed to consent to the use of your name, your team’s name and your participation in the competition for CERN’s education and outreach purposes. Your details and those of your team and its proposal  and video will also be shared with the International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) for their outreach purposes.
  8. CERN may make interviews, recordings and images of participants and their activities in the context of this competition. CERN will only use such material as part of its education, outreach and fundraising activities. For this purpose, all participants of the winning teams or if they are under 18 or are under the legal age of majority in the country where they are applying the respective parents/legal guardians of the participants will have to sign the CERN Consent Form (these documents will be provided after the announcement of the winning teams).
  9. CERN may request further information from you in the selection process, if they consider that this information would be helpful for the evaluation of your proposal.
  10. CERN reserve the right to postpone, suspend, cancel or modify the competition at any time and for any reason, including in case of insufficient participation.
  11. CERN will apply utmost care to the selection of the winning proposals. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to communicate the reasons for any non-selection. The selection decisions are final and not subject to claim or appeal. No correspondence will be entered into by either CERN in this regard.