BL4S winners

The Hall of Fame of the Beamline for Schools competition!

Since the first edition in 2014, 10 teams have won the opportunity to run their experiments at a beam line at CERN.

The teams "Odysseus' Comrades" from Greece and "Dominicuscollege" from the Netherlands won the first competition, followed in 2015 by "Leo4G" from Italy and "Accelerating Africa" from South Africa. For its third year running, CERN welcomed "Pyramid Hunters" from Poland as well as "Relatively Special" from the United Kingdom and for the fourth edition the teams "Charging Cavaliers" from Canada and "TCO-ASA" from Italy were welcomed. Finally, for the fifth edition the teams "Beamcats" from the Philippines and "Cryptic Ontics" from India will be invited to CERN.

A beautiful mix of countries and origins for an enriching competition!

If you are interested in learning about their projects, you can find all the information about previous winners as well as scientific articles here:


Since they left CERN, all teams have evolved in different ways. But also for the teams, which are still coming to CERN this year, media coverage has already started. You can see some of the media coverage about previous winners as well as scientific articles about the experiments here: