Submitted by saretz on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 11:27

Article of team "Relatively Special" published

In 2016 the winners of the team "Relatively Special" from the UK have been at CERN to carry out their proposed experiment.

Relatively Special is a team from Colchester Royal Grammar School and comprises 17 students. Their project aimed to test the validity of the Lorentz factor by measuring the effect of time dilation due to Special Relativity on the decay rate of pions.

These motivated students invested a lot of time after their great experience at CERN and kept analysing the data and finalizing their scientific article – with success. This month their article got published in IOP Science. Congratulations!

This complements the huge success of the BL4S 2016 edition with both winning teams each having successfully published a paper in a reviewed journal.