Useful documents

On this page we have prepared several documents for you to download and a few more useful resources. The documents contain the information that you can find on this website as well as many additional details and a lot of technical background information. In case something is not clear to you in these documents, don't worry. There are many friendly people – our national contacts – who will be happy to answer your questions as well as our BL4S team.

Documents (links to these documents can be found in the boxes below):

The beam and detector document is the most important document for the preparation of your proposal. It provides you with information about the beamline and details about the available detectors that you can use for your experiment. In the example experiments document you can find short descriptions of experiments that are possible to carry out with the beamline and material provided by us. Let yourself get inspired. The invitation gives you all the details about how to participate in the competition in a single document. 

Further resources:

Watch the recording of our latest TED-ED call from December 2019 including presentations about CERN and BL4S and answers to many questions from students around the world. Also listen to the BL4S Fizzics Education podcast from January 2020.