Prizes - 2023 edition

Winning teams

Two of the winning teams will spend about two weeks at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, to carry out their proposed experiments at a testbeam facility. The third winning team will be invited by DESY in Hamburg, Germany for a similar duration. BL4S will cover the full costs of the winners' participation to the competition, including travel, local transport, accommodation in the CERN / DESY hostel and three meals per day. Before their arrival, the winning teams will have the opportunity to work together with scientists on their proposals in order to prepare their experimental setup.

Shortlisted teams

Beside the winning teams, up to 30 teams are selected in a shortlist. These teams will receive special prizes that could include a portable particle detector for their school and a BL4S T-shirt for each team member.

Best video award

The team that will submit the best video will receive a special award that could include a portable particle detector for their school and a BL4S T-shirt for each member.

SSVI Telescopes

In 2023, the organizers of the “Stars Shine For Everyone” initiative have offered some special prizes for the participants of Beamline for Schools. SSVI is, to use their own words, “An Astronomy Project for children with disabilities and underserved communities around the world”. The organizers of SSVI has donated several optical telescopes to us, that we will award to a selection of teams.

In order to win one of these telescopes we want you to propose a science education or outreach activity that the members of your team can organize in their community. Inclusiveness shall be a very important component of this activity, and the goal is to share your passion for physics with people that are less exposed to science. You could, for example, think about a creative way to introduce physics to children coming from a disadvantaged area in your environment.

If you want to be considered for winning one of these telescopes, please add an additional section of 100-200 words (in addition to the 1000 words limit of your BL4S proposal) to your submission and let us know about your idea for promoting science in an inclusive way. We encourage the winners of these awards to realize their activities and we will share the outcome on the BL4S website.

All participants

Every participant receives a digital certificate to certify the participation in the BL4S competition.

Illustrated prizes are indicative. CERN reserves the right to modify or exchange the prize should it so require.