Two winning teams

The two winning teams will win a trip of about 12 days to DESY, to carry out their proposed experiments at a beamline. BL4S will cover the full costs of the winners' participation to the competition, including travel, local transport, accommodation in the DESY hostel and three meals per day. Before coming to DESY, the winning teams will have the opportunity to work together with scientists on their ideas on how to use the beamline and plan out their particle physics experiment.

Shortlisted teams

Beside the two winning teams, up to 30 teams are shortlisted. These teams will receive a CosmicPi particle detector for their school and a BL4S T-shirt for each team member.

All participants

Every participant receives a certificate in digital form to certify the participation in the BL4S competition.

Illustrated prizes are indicative. CERN reserves the right to modify or exchange the prize should it so require.