BL4S connects students worldwide

Not long anymore and this year's winning students from the Netherlands and the US are coming to DESY from 16 to 29 October to carry out their experiments. Currently both teams are preparing themselves together with scientists from CERN and DESY.

As luck would have it, one of last year's winning students from India, Satchit Chatterji, is now studying artificial intelligence at the University of Groningen, Netherlands – just where one of the winning teams 2019 is located. They got in touch and soon after, Satchit gave them a course in python and is currently helping them with any physics-related programming questions.

"It's quite surreal to know that I would have never had met these new friends if not for this competition", said Satchit. "Also, because we did our BL4S project in C/C++, it has helped me immensely in University, where there is a very intensive programming course in C. I think I owe that to you and the rest of the BL4S team for incentivising me to practice something that I now love and enjoy - and now I just try to spread that joy of learning."

We are very happy to learn that this unique competition can create bonds across countries and cultures and help and motivate students for their future career!