Submitted by aanastas on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 15:43


BL4S website is now restructured!

BL4S Website has been restructured with fewer tabs to be clicked, yet, more material and other offers are now accessible to everyone.

Everything you need to know about BL4S is still there! Under the "The Competition" tab, there is all the necessary information in order to join the 2017 BL4S Competition and Apply now!

Videos come as a new part for your information and entertainment, since there, you can find all the videos related to BL4S Competition: The Edition videos, the BL4S VIPs, the Winners' Proposals videos, the Winners' Post Competition Media Coverage videos and the Hangout with CERN ones, are all there to be watched!

Under our new tab section "Resources", you can find the Useful Documents for BL4S, as well as our most recent addition: The Other Competitions and Educational Offers where you can discover more opportunities and take part in! CERN's S'Cool LAB is one of them.