Submitted by saretz on Fri, 04/26/2019 - 17:42


Distribution of participating countries 2019 published

In this year's Beamline for Schools competition, 48 countries from all around the world took part. With regard to the number of 178 participating teams with more than 1300 students, this is a new record.

We have now prepared an overview of the collected data. For the 2019 edition have a look here; the overview for all six editions is also available now in our updated world map. We are very happy that seven white spots could be filled this year thanks to the following participating countries: Albania, Ecuador, Fiji, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Uruguay.

We are currently evaluating all received proposals and announce this year's winners in June. But there has also been the 1000th submission in the history of this competition, which we will announce very soon. This team will receive an extra prize, so stay tuned!