Submitted by saretz on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 17:52


The evaluation of the sixth Beamline for Schools competition finally starts

The sixth edition of Beamline for Schools marks a new chapter in the history of this competition. For the first time this competition is taken to another research laboratory: DESY, a world-leading accelerator centre close to Hamburg, Germany. Due to CERN's shutdown of its accelerators for maintenance and upgrade, the winning experiments will be run at DESY.

The submission period ended last night (31 March) at midnight CET. This year 178 teams from 48 countries took part and submitted successfully a proposal, which can be carried out at a beam line. Thank you all so much for your participation!

Also this year some white spots on our world map could be filled with countries, which have taken part in this competition for the very first time: Albania, Ecuador, Fiji, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Uruguay. This shows once more the international character of this competition.

Now the evaluation process starts with more than 60 experts involved. Besides the two winning teams, we will also announce shortlisted teams winning extra prizes. The official press release announcing the winners of this year's BL4S competition will follow in June, so stay tuned!