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First paper published by one of the winning teams of 2014 BL4S in IOP Science!

For the very first time in Beamline for Schools Competition history, a paper has been published in "Physics Education" 2016, the international, scientific journal of the Institute of Physics (IOP) Science, by the Dominicus College, one of the two winning teams of 2014 BL4S, along with the Nikhef and Radboud University (Netherlands).

In their paper entitled "Building and testing a high school calorimeter at CERN", they describe how their experiment was performed, its results and the collaboration with their co-winners from Greece, the Odysseus’ Comrades team.

Find out more about the winners' experience back in 2014 in this video:

Students and teachers from Varvakios Pilot School in Athens, Greece, and Dominicus College in Nijmegen in the Netherlands discuss their projects at the T9 beamline at CERN (Video: Ronaldus Suykerbuyk/CERN)