Dear all,

we are glad to announce that in 2022 the organizers of the “Stars Shine For Everyone” (SSVI) initiative will offer five optical telescopes to the participants in Beamline for Schools.

In order to win one of these telescopes we want the participants to propose a science education or outreach activity that the members of a team can organize in their community. Inclusiveness shall be a very important component of this activity, and the goal is to share the passion for physics with people that are less exposed to science. A team could, for example, think about a creative way to introduce physics to children coming from a disadvantaged area of a team's city or country.

If a team wants to be considered for winning one of these telescopes, it should add an additional section of 100-200 words (in addition to the 1000 words limit of your BL4S proposal) to the written proposal and let us know about its idea for promoting science in an inclusive way. We encourage the winners of these awards to realize their activities and share the outcome with us for publication on the BL4S website.

All the best,

The BL4S team