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The teams have arrived

Members of the two winning teams - Odysseus' Comrades and Dominicuscollege - with teachers and CERN staff at the CERN training centre (Image: Guillaume Jeanneret)

The winning teams have arrived! The young physicists of Odysseus' Comrades and Dominicuscollege have arrived at CERN to start their adventure. Their first day was devoted to safety awareness and training. The teams learnt to recognize hazard signs and safety protocols at CERN, and members of the HSE department, Cryogenics group and Fire Brigade gave presentations about staying safe at CERN. Tomorrow the students will present their ideas for their experiments, and visit some of CERN's installations. 

Cryogenic engineer Torsten Koettig performs a demonstration at the Cryogenic Safety briefing (Image: Guillaume Jeanerret)
The students had a chance to practice fire safety with the CERN Fire Brigade in a mock-up of a burning car (Image: Guillaume Jeanneret)