Update concerning current health situation

We would like to update you about this years BL4S competition in regard of the current health situation.

First of all, the competition is NOT canceled. Furthermore, the deadline for proposal submission will not be postponed and is still on 31 March 2020 midnight CET.

However, at the same time we realise that the current situation is exceptional and makes especially the production of the video for some teams very challenging. That is why we have decided that this year, exceptionally the video will not be mandatory to submit. We are still looking forward to the videos, which have been produced already, but there will be no disadvantages for those teams, who will not be able to submit a video in time. You can still – but do not have to – submit your video after the deadline during April by sending the link to bl4s.team@cern.ch. We will still try to create a best of playlist of this year’s submitted videos.

We wish you good luck and all the best, stay healthy!

Your BL4S team