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Winners of BL4S edition 2016 published scientific papers

The two winning teams of BL4S edition 2016 finalized scientific papers about their conducted experiments. In September 2016 the teams “Pyramid Hunters” from Poland and “Relatively Special” from the UK have been invited to CERN to use a fully equipped beam line to run their experiments together with two support scientists.

Team Pyramid Hunters measured the muon absorption of limestone to help understand data from a muon tomography of the Chephren pyramid. Team Relatively Special tested the validity of the Lorentz factor with two methods, by measuring the time of flight of different particles of different momenta and the effect of time dilation due to Special Relativity on the decay rate of pions.

Read their papers here:
Pyramid Hunters: The secret chambers in the Chephren Pyramid
Relatively Special: Testing the validity of the Lorentz factor